Eldita Tarani @ Google

User Research at Google

Very content to share that next week I will be starting a UX Researcher contract position with Google. Yes, Google ⭐️!

Working for Google has been both an aspiration of mine, but also an important self-actualization milestone. This was true ever since learning that I can use my knowledge and experience in studying the human mind, to help humanity in expanding the advances of technology to connect, lead meaningful lives and develop.

Now I will get to run studies that strive to make Google products inclusive and accessible. I can’t wait to meet all my amazing future colleagues and explore the future of UX together.

Just quickly: I owe this pivot largely to my loving husband, Valon who inspired me with his knowledge of the tech world, always convincing me that I am born for this and am ready to excel amongst the smart people at Google.

But I couldn’t have made it if it weren’t for the support of my bright MA colleague and friend Jennifer M. Brennan and her immense support and sincere inspiration with her being and professionalism.

Neither without the songs and motivational campaigns of my sisters, Harea and Dora Tarani, prior to each interview. But also many friends who believe in me and support me in different ways (looking at you AliciaChristopher, Beth, Jetmir the list goes on). Special shout-out to Aona for her enlightening UX videos.

And ultimately, I sincerely want to acknowledge my inspiring journey and amazing colleagues from my last job with UNDP Kosovo, especially supervisors Niels and Enisa, genius people, for the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting and impactful projects in advancing Kosovo’s development goals. I am really going to miss working with you.

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