Pink Lagoon Vinyl

Pink Lagoon EP is Now Available!

Invisible Light Agency

Label fixture Casual Crypt reemerges with a new project, a collaboration with singer/songwriter Eldita Tarani (out of Kosovo) called Invisible Light Agency or simply ILA. The duo formed in 2015 and collectively derive inspiration from groups like Stereolab and Broadcast. The pair organically met through mutual friends and was immediately in lockstep. Says Tarani: “We appreciated similar music and the same musical geniuses, which created this opportunity despite us coming from two totally different cultures.”

On this new EP, Pink Lagoon, ILA bends future-retro with swirling psychedelic dream popThe group wears their influences on their sleeve but transcends comparisons by riding on their own wave of original musical impulses. The EP glides you through a dreamy blend of lo-fi and pop sensibilities— hazy, sparse vocals over propulsive backbeats, underscored by slick electric guitars and synths. The songs were recorded in 2018 and finalized just before Covid-19, forcing Tarani to return to her homeland until further notice. Recently she returned to the States, a permanent visa in hand, perfect timing for the release of Pink Lagoon. The EP is dedicated to the memory of Elmir Tarani, a beloved musician and strong supporter of the band, according to her.

Pink Lagoon will be available on pink or black vinyl and on all streaming platforms.

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