Hack the Crisis Kosova

We welcome everyone to join us. Let’s hack the Crisis Together! The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, is making society think outside the box. In these critical moments, bringing solutions for our biggest challenge right now, is crucial to move on and not let fear take over us. As a community, we must work …

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Junior Geeks – Science and Tech Camp

Junior Geeks Science and Tech Camp wrapped up three days of events for youth from #Prishtina, #Peja, and #Mitrovica. They turned their ideas into board games, robots, AI and other digital solutions to solve societal problems—and left inspired to become future, fearless leaders and active innovators. Prior to the camp they participated in four months of intensive lectures and …

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Finalists in the 2018 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund competition!

Congratulations to #Fulbright alumna Eldita Tarani and fellow #ExchangeAlumni Shpend Lila and Zana Tabaku on being finalists in the 2018 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund competition! Worldwide Competition Winner–The Junior Geeks! Congratulations to Shpend Lila, Eldita Tarani and Zana Tabaku, all alumni of exchange programs to the U.S., who joined efforts to win the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund- with their …

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Ambasada amerikane uron fituesit e garës – Junior Geeks

Ambasada amerikane në Prishtinë, ka uruar fituesit e garës në botë – Junior Geeks! “Urime për Shpend Lila, Eldita Tarani dhe Zana Tabaku, të gjithë studentët e programeve të shkëmbimit në SHBA, të cilët u bashkuan për të fituar Fondin e Inovacionit ‘Alumni’ – me projektin e tyre të quajtur “Junior Geeks”, shkruan ambasada në …

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Invisible Light Agency

Hello everyone, I wanna share with you one of my favorite projects that im involved in, it’s called ILA or Invisible Light Agency band San Francisco / San Jose based band: You can listen the songs here: We also featured recently on ZERI (Albanian Media).

Hello from Eldita

Passionate problem solver, eager to employ a lifetime of research experience and education to provide informed solutions. Capable of executing meticulous and educated experimental designs to answer questions, transform data into interpretable outcomes and perform analysis. Empathetic and excellent communicator, writer and evolving tech enthusiast.

A president immortalized

Unveiled in late September, the statute of former President Ibrahim Rugova, who died in 2006, makes up a sculptural quartet with the likenesses of former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Zahir Pajaziti, Albanian hero Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu and nun Mother Teresa. Isa Mustafa, the current Mayor of Prishtina, describes the statue as “an icon of Kosovo’s …

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Dritero Nikqi

Porn-no’s downbeat tunes feel uplifting

While here in the “normal” world, politics keep brewing, the economy keeps rising or falling, and international relations follow trends beyond our control, young artists are producing and designing material that give us some much-needed spiritual elevation. One recent example is the new album release of Prishtina’s unconventional band, Por-no. “Zhurmuesi” (meaning Radio Frequency Interference) …

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